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Many people in the world today are deprived of personal fulfillment and purpose. This is the result of an instinctual desire to be a part of something greater, and other entities across the world capitalize on this. Through Action Congress, direction and purpose will not be used to make money or to gain votes, but for the collective well-being of its members, and the communities they serve.


Our Purpose

Our objective as an organization is to provide others purpose through activities which strengthen community awareness and promote personal growth. Through conscious reflection of our behavior and our values, we strive to uplift the emotional and mental fortitude of our members, instilling into them confidence and self-awareness. By introducing activity into our member’s lives, we will inspire our members to achieve self-efficacy and worth, and encourage them to promote these qualities to others.


What We Do

Action Congress aims at supporting communities and uplifting others by instilling confidence and self-awareness through civil discussion and hosting team-building events. By introducing these activities into other's lives, we will develop our strengths both as a group and as individuals.

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